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Vincent is a former owner of the house featured in Escape the Night Season 1. He is played by David Rispoli.


Episode 9 - Wicked Hallucinations

The group goes upstairs and into a bedroom to find Vincent trapped in a straitjacket locked by three locks. In order to free him, they must travel into three of his hallucinations and get the keys for the locks.

In the first challenge, the group must go into a greenhouse and assemble a swampman by finding body parts and burying them in compost, while being scared by a mutant human hybrid zombie.

In the second challenge, the group must find five correct masks, with the fifth mask containing the second key.

In the third and final challenge, the group must vote two in to sit in electric chairs while the other two try to get three rings around the electric rods. As a result, Lele is electrocuted to death in this challenge and the group gets the third key.

After he is freed, Vincent notes that his hallucinations have disappeared. He then notices Arthur and the group finds out that Arthur is the one in league with the evil and that Vincent was the one who had warned them back in episode 2. Before he leaves, Vincent tells Oli, Eva, and Joey "If I were you, I'd run."

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