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The Victorian Mansion is owned by the Sorceress. It is stuck in the Victorian Era.


Prior to Episode 1

The guests believe that Joey, who has been missing for a while, has invited them to his new house. Then, they find out that it isn't Joey's house, but could belong to Dorian. After that, they find out that the house doesn't belong to Dorian, but to the Sorceress, a powerful witch that made a deal with a dark god for her powers.


  • Season 2's Victorian Mansion was filmed at the Rosewood Manor in Bel Air, California.
  • The Rosewood Manor was not the first filming location set for Season 2. In fact a previous location was chosen, but upon production setup, neighbors of location complained and forced production to search for a new location. The Rosewood Manor was eventually decided upon.


Photo Name
? The Ballroom
? The Green Room
? The Foyer (Season 2)
? Lounge (Season 2)
? Library (Season 2)
? Hookah Room
? Dining Room (Season 2)
? The Children's Room
? The Baking Room
? Sick Room
The Red Hallway
The Red Hallway
? The Automaton Lab
? The Master Bedroom (Season 2)


Photo Name
? Back Yard
? Pool (Season 2)
? The Fountain
? The Greenhouse (Season 2)
? The Dark Dimension
? Tree House
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