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  • Ladyathena1

    So, I noticed that some tier ideas were missing from Kickstarter after the introduction of the two new ones, and thought I would make up my own.

    Please note that these are fake and you will not find them at the time of this blog. If names, prices, and items in the tiers are used later, I had no influence over it and it is pure coincidence.

    • Speakeasy(Standard and Signed Premium) $175
      • Name used only because I didn't know what else to call this tier, but wanted to tie it to the 1920s. The price is based on the pricing of the two new tiers.
    • Moonshiner (Premium and Signed Premium) $200
      • Used the name only because both boxes are shiny, but also to tie it into the creators that appeared in the 1920s due to Prohibition. The price is based on the pricing…
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