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This is my last one. For now. I’ve basically run out of YouTubers I know that I would like to see on the show.

Joey, now having lost all his memories of what’s happened in the previous seasons, goes on a quest to remember what happened. He invites more friends, and since this is ETN, things go wrong and they have to vote against each other to survive. In the end, he retrieves his memories and finally goes home, still haunted by what’s happened. For now. This will continue in my Season 8 blog post.

Rank Guest Photo Role Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10
Survivors (Winners) Joey Graceffa 5234A02A-01B5-40CD-A4A4-0B6A4AA6648A.jpeg The Savant SAFE HELP SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE SAFE SAFE WINNER
Survivors (Winners) Link Neal 565DDB8A-6945-49E4-BA8D-C6D510B2F6CE.jpeg The Treasurer SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE WINNER
Survivors (Winners) Cristine Rotenberg 46497690-6483-486A-8363-3F4F03A9079F.jpeg The Jeweller SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE VOTE SAFE WINNER
4th Eugene Lee Yang F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg The Aristocrat SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE VOTE VOTE DEAD
5th Jack McLoughlin 96588D8E-BC2F-44B5-B426-63094F661821.jpeg The Jester SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
6th Lia Shelesh 61CD18DF-262C-4F6E-B9A8-7F4FF7204D8D.jpeg The Seductress SAFE VOTE SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
7th Tiffany Herrera 1593CACF-F283-46A9-BBDD-2FA0959140F4.png The Confectioner SAFE HELP SAFE SAFE DEAD
8th Lindsey Sterling FDADE779-E7C5-4E1D-A569-8655722BAEC5.jpeg The Diva SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
9th Connor Franta CAFFEFB4-5388-40B1-9471-E7764576D328.jpeg The Sheriff SAFE SAFE DEAD
10th Lizzie Dwyer 77FF97E3-1B95-4DD6-8E0E-987FD14F1573.jpeg The Maiden SAFE DEAD
The guest escaped the night.
The guest was ineligible for vote.
The guest went into a team challenge, won and saved their teammate from dying.
The guest went into a team challenge, lost and failed to save their teammate.
The guest was voted into a challenge and survived alongside their partner.
The guest was betrayed by the voted guests and killed.
The guest was voted into a challenge, lost and died.

Causes of Death:

  • Lizzie Dwyer: Neck snapped by the Sasquatch.
  • Connor Franta: Eaten by the Chupacabra.
  • Lindsey Sterling: Drowned by the Sirens.
  • Tiffany Herrera: Decapitated by the Draugr.
  • Lia Shelesh: Devoured by the Mothman.
  • Jack McLoughlin: Soul stolen by the Succubus.
  • Eugene Lee Yang: Impaled with a Halberd by Ares.
Cast 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Drawn 77FF97E3-1B95-4DD6-8E0E-987FD14F1573.jpeg CAFFEFB4-5388-40B1-9471-E7764576D328.jpeg 565DDB8A-6945-49E4-BA8D-C6D510B2F6CE.jpeg F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg 46497690-6483-486A-8363-3F4F03A9079F.jpeg 96588D8E-BC2F-44B5-B426-63094F661821.jpeg 46497690-6483-486A-8363-3F4F03A9079F.jpeg F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg
61CD18DF-262C-4F6E-B9A8-7F4FF7204D8D.jpeg 96588D8E-BC2F-44B5-B426-63094F661821.jpeg FDADE779-E7C5-4E1D-A569-8655722BAEC5.jpeg 1593CACF-F283-46A9-BBDD-2FA0959140F4.png 5234A02A-01B5-40CD-A4A4-0B6A4AA6648A.jpeg F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg 565DDB8A-6945-49E4-BA8D-C6D510B2F6CE.jpeg
5234A02A-01B5-40CD-A4A4-0B6A4AA6648A.jpeg Lia Jack Lindsey Tiffany Cristine Jack Joey Joey
565DDB8A-6945-49E4-BA8D-C6D510B2F6CE.jpeg Lizzie Connor Lindsey Tiffany Joey Jack Link Link
46497690-6483-486A-8363-3F4F03A9079F.jpeg Lizzie Connor Lindsey Tiffany Joey Eugene Cristine Cristine
F4EFA6CA-18DC-465C-95F2-6216089D8100.jpeg Lizzie Connor Lindsey Lia Cristine Jack Eugene Eugene
96588D8E-BC2F-44B5-B426-63094F661821.jpeg Connor Connor Joey Joey Joey Eugene
61CD18DF-262C-4F6E-B9A8-7F4FF7204D8D.jpeg Lizzie Connor Link Eugene Joey
1593CACF-F283-46A9-BBDD-2FA0959140F4.png Lia Connor Link Joey
FDADE779-E7C5-4E1D-A569-8655722BAEC5.jpeg Lizzie Joey Joey
CAFFEFB4-5388-40B1-9471-E7764576D328.jpeg Lizzie Jack
77FF97E3-1B95-4DD6-8E0E-987FD14F1573.jpeg Connor