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Twin Dolls is the sixth episode of Season 3 of Escape the Night.

Episode Summary

The doll maker's puppets come to life, chasing Joey and his friends. The only way the YouTubers can cleanse the new artifact is by uncovering the mysterious Maiden of Madness and locking someone inside her.


As the mourning over Matt's death sinks in, the group notices a change in the map causing them to connect the head with body of the Night Killer Doll, the sixth artifact, which releases the doll maker's twin dolls. By the end of the hour they were ultimately forced to pick someone who was to be locked inside the Maiden of Madness. This soon led to Colleen's demise after everyone voted for her. After her screams had ceased, the artifact was cleansed and they were one step closer to escaping Everlock. During the group challenge, they also received the second Lazarus Coin, and opened the Lazarus Box only to find out that they can bring one person from the group back from the dead by playing the Lazarus Harp.



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