The Zombies are summoned by The Carnival Master in episode nine. They chase the guests around in the final episode.


Episode 9 - Control Issues

At the end of episode nine, The Carnival Master summons the zombies to try to kill the guests who are left (Nikita, Matt and Joey).

Episode 10 - The Carnival Master

The Zombies patrol Everlock for the remaining guests. At one point, Joey and Nikita had to feed the Maiden of Madness the "flesh of an undead mother" to get the final life stone. Once Jael and Ryu were summoned by the Harp of Lazarus, the two Society members took out the remaining Zombies on their way to defeat Nicholas.

List of Actors

Unlike Undead Caroline, these zombies don't have known names.

  • Phillip Kane Rhee
  • Sam Tran
  • Ryan Houchin
  • Joy Pantopoulos
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