The Witches during the opening scene.

The Witches are the seventh guardians created by the Carnival Master. Sandra is played by Aylya Marzolf, Belle by Jamie VanDyke, and Debra by Kaley Hatfield.


They are mainly known for spreading curses amongst the town of Everlock using the Wickerman Doll. They all steal young Maria's youth, kills her brother via seduction, turn a man into a pig, and curses Joey, Manny, Matt, and Rosanna. All the guests who were cursed are forced into the final death challenge where they have to complete 4 different tasks. The person who fails to complete all the challenges is used as a ritual sacrifice. The tasks were as follows:

  • The Witches' Brew
  • The Witches' Stack
  • Bobbing for Rotten Apples
  • The Witches' Skein

As Rosanna didn't finish the challenge, she was taken by the witches and placed on a stone table. They then sacrificed Rosanna by stabbing her with 3 knifes. As she is killed, the remaining guests had to endure the sound of her loud shrieks. The Amulet of Youth was then recovered and used to restore Maria's youth. They then are able to cleanse the Wickerman Doll. Doll. All three witches most likely vanished as the artifact was cleansed.


  • Surprisingly, the only guest that wasn't cursed by them was Nikita Dragun.
  • Them & the Killer Clowns were the only lieutenants that weren't converted by the Carnival Master.
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