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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....
The Unquenchable Fire is a weapon used to kill the Ice Witch. Joey held this up at the Ice Witch, as she was about to use her power and an orange light was directed onto the Ice Witch, which killed her.


Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

Joey and Andrea are selected to walk the Path of Betrayal and they think that they're going to betray the other. Once on the path, the two have to solve three riddles in order to get three keys to hand to the second guardian. They solve the three riddles together and take the keys to the guardian who gives them the Unquenchable Fire. They continue on the path and come to the betrayal part. In order to reach the Ice Queen, Joey and Andrea have to betray one of their friends. They decide to betray Tana and Andrea smashes Tana's tile. They can hear screams from behind them and they know Tana has been killed. Joey and Andrea are allowed to continue and reach the Ice Witch. The Ice Witch begins to use her power but Joey deflects it with the Unquenchable Fire. An orange light radiates from the Unquenchable Fire and onto the Ice Witch. She is killed and the two guests run up to her leftovers and to their dismay are left with a letter instead of the Ice Gem.