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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

The Sorceress is the tenth episode in Season 2 of Escape the Night

Episode Summary

The Sorceress summons her Lieutenants and now the three remaining guests must run for their lives.


The surviving guests now have the Crown of Oblivion. But they are missing the Centre Stone. However, the Sorceress takes it before they can get to it. It is revealed that the Society Against Evil had destroyed the crown and it would take nine people from the future to bring it back together, and that's why the Sorceress summoned the guests to the house. The Sorceress summons her Lieutenants to keep the guests busy while she finishes her spell. To stop the Sorceress, the guests have to keep away from all the monsters and people they defeated in the past while trying to destroy three Leviathan Seals. With that done, they can finally free Riley, the girl that the Sorceress used to be and that was sealed away so that the Sorceress could become the monster she is. Trying to get the crown, however, Joey gets killed by the weakened Sorceress, who is in turn killed by Riley. Tyler puts on the crown and breaks the spell, allowing him and Andrea to go home. They put Joey into a coffin with the crown and leaves, but who know what magic the crown holds?



This episode features the first ever resurrection with Joey waking up in his coffin shortly after the events of the episode