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The Snake Woman is one of The Carnival Master's guardians of the 8 artifacts. She guards the Serpent's Eyes featured in Season 3, Episode 3 of Escape the Night. She is portrayed by Siri Miller.


Episode 3 - Venomous Affections

As Cindy, the Snake Woman is at Fatman Slim's, waiting for her date. However, her date happens to be married. The man's wife, Bahar, and her friend, Judy, confront Cindy. They gang up on her and beat her up outside of Fatman Slim's. When the Carnival Master comes and offers her a gift, she takes it, and so she becomes Snake Woman. When the group captured Bahar in the Arcade, Snake Woman went inside and bit Bahar, causing her death. Later when Roi and Nikita were selected to compete in the death challenge, she stands there, waiting for one of them to complete the puzzle. When Nikita finishes the puzzle, she kills Roi, while Nikita cleanses the artifact, causing the Snake Woman to disappear.



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