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The Path of Betrayal is the second part of the Ice Challenge to resulted in the receiving of the Ice Gem.


Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

Joey and Andrea are selected to walk the path and they think that they're going to betray the other. Once on the path, the two have to solve three riddles in order to get three keys to hand to the second guardian. They solve the three riddles together and take the keys to the guardian who gives them the Unquenchable Fire. They continue on the path and come to the betrayal part. In order to reach the Ice Queen, Joey and Andrea have to betray one of their friends. They decide that Alex and Tyler have proven themselves already and set their name plates aside. The two are left with Gabbie and Tana. Joey is unable to decide and Andrea accidentally persuades him to choose Tana, by her belief that Tana hasn't proven much as well of the fact that she technically lost the Spider Web Challenge. Joey reluctantly agrees and Andrea smashes Tana's nameplate. Back at the entrance, the first guardian awakes and marches towards the guests. Alex, Tyler, and Gabbie back away and get separated from Tana, who the guardian goes after. Tana pleads for her life, but the guardian slices into her stomach with his sword and she falls to the ground. The other three run to her, but discover that she is dead. Joey and Andrea come back after defeating the Ice Queen, much to their dismay; find Tana dead. They tell Gabbie, Alex, and Tyler that they had thought wrong and actually had to choose one of them to betray, so they decided on Tana. Sireen appears and says that she is sorry for their loss, but thankful that they saved her land. In return, she says she is forever in their debt and gives them a magic crystal. The guests go back inside the mansion to regroup and figure out what to do next.

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