This is the second episode of Season 4 of Escape the Night.

Episode Summary

A pharaoh is wrongfully murdered and awakened from the dead by the YouTubers. They must find his killer and venture into the Sands of Egypt if they want to recover the first Jeweled Key.


A deceased pharaoh that is nameless was murdered by his wife. The YouTubers awake him by finding a Ankh and placing it on the Sarcophagus Coffin. They all run away in the halls in a panic as he gets close to them. He tries to chase them down the hall, but the door is quickly shut by the Sorceress and Mortimer.

Soon after, they run into a room and have to complete a set of challenges, first, Joey Graceffa read a scroll he found which read, and I quote "The pharaoh was a kind ruler, but those close to him were not. They killed him using dark magic and didn't understand the consequences of their actions. His mind is a blur of hate and revenge. But, only he knows the location to the first Jeweled Key". As everyone is solving the mysterious box Mortimer says to The Sorceress "Hey. I saw what you did. I know you have a bigger play here". The Sorceress responds "Your such a sweet-face. I'd like to do sick things to you. But, ah. I need someone a little more, fierce for my plans". Colleen Ballinger finds a little box with a cat. It had a note, which read, and I quote "The pharaoh's cats turned from stone to flesh by the light of harvest moon and leave footprints of their travels. Their paths lead to Egypt's most sacred symbol, which must be painted beneath their feet".



The temporary thumbnail.


  • Due to leak episode titles on IMDB that have proven to be accurate, the original title of this episode was likely "Collecting the Dead: Part 2".
  • The Original thumbnail featured Gabbie alongside with Tana and the Mummy, however, the thumbnail changed with Tana alongside Destorm and the Mummy. But then a day later was changed back again.
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