The Maiden of Madness is used to cleanse The Night Killer Doll by placing a voted for guest inside, killing them.


Episode 6 - The Twin Dolls

The remaining guests are told that they must vote someone to be placed within the Maiden of Madness, close the doors, and wait for their screams to stop. Because of her badgering and lack of trust in Joey, the group voted in Colleen to go into the Maiden of Madness to die, with a few even showing her that they had picked her. Colleen is then forced into the maiden by Joey, Rosanna, Safiya, Nikita, and Manny. Colleen screams and cries as the maiden impales her. She then eventually dies.

Episode 10- The Carnival Master (Episode)

To obtain a life stone, Joey, Nikita, and Matthew lure a zombie into the Maiden of Madness. Joey asks the zombie to say hello to Colleen.

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