The Dragon Rebellion is a group featured in Escape the Night Season 4. After the death of DeStorm Power by the hands of the emperor, the two of them killed the Chinese Emperor. They are played by Jasper Jeon and Aria Song.


Episode 4 - A Wedding To Die For


A suitor by the name of Jing is playing checkers with the Chinese Emperor, who doesn't seem to be interested in the game whatsoever. She moves a piece. The Chinese Emperor picks up and drops. She notices, and says that he isn't very focused on the game. She then gets checkmate, and he flicks the pieces off of the table in boredom. He says that they are done and it is time for her to go. The Emperor's Mother escorts her out. After Jing leaves, the Emporer's Mother tells the Emperor that he is never going to find a wife like this, but he finds that they are really boring. She then says that the rebellion are waiting at the gates, ready to take his head. They are demanding an heir and that requires a queen. He says that if they are going to be like that, he'll think about it.

They encounter the remaining guys, however they are unsure on whether or not they are in the rebellion with them. They prove themselves, as they complete three of four tasks. The rebellion plan to kill the Chinese Emperor. They went to the wedding wearing masks, where Rosanna is to be married to the Emperor, as she beat the other females in a trial to become his wife. Alex and DeStorm are also there, in a death challenge. DeStorm loses by sacrificing himself for Lauren, a guest from Season 2, and after the Emperor stabs and kills DeStorm and is about to get married to Rosanna, stab him with a sword, killing him. His mother is also killed, but by The Sorceress.

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