The Collar of Control is the last artifact that needs to be cleansed. The guests must find four rings to cleans it, and to start the cleansing, one of the guests (Nikita) must wear it.


Episode 9 - Control Issues

For the group to begin cleansing the Collar of Control, someone must wear it. Joey volunteers Nikita, putting her under Lucy's control. Matt, Joey, and Manny must then find a way to remove the collar from Nikita's neck. To finish cleansing the collar, two must be voted into the Straitjacket Key Hunt. Nikita and Manny are voted in, where Nikita has a choice to either save herself, or let Manny escape. Nikita ends up shooting Manny six times to save herself.


  • The Collar of Control is similar to the Helm of Obedience from Season 2. The difference is that with the helm only the one wearing it can hear the instructions, while those wearing the collar take instructions from an outside person’s voice.
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