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The Clowns Here Kill Part 2 is the second episode of Season 3 of Escape the Night.

Episode Summary

All hope seems lost when Joey and friends are captured by the Killer Clowns. The group learns they must restore the The Carnival Master’s wicked artifacts to free the town—a mission that will require two to undertake a battle to the death.


Everyone is freaking out as the Killer Clowns are ready to gut Nikita. Suddenly, Mortimer rides in on a motorcycle and saves everyone. They go to the arcade, discover a magic map that reveals more of the town with each artifact that is cleansed, and find a secret room where they can plan and vote people for the final challenge. The find out that the Jack in the Box is one of The Carnival Master's artifacts, and they must cleanse it to free Everlock and themselves. They split off into two groups, one for The Roller Disco for the song, and the other to The Big Top Tent for the spring.

The group at The Roller Disco must disguise themselves as clowns and drug one of the Killer Clowns to get the song. They find the clown with a briefcase and get them to pass out. They must return to The Roller Disco to find the combination, almost getting caught. However, JC figures out the two numbers for the combination locks and they run to The Divine Lounge.

The guests at The Big Top Tent must dodge one of the Killer Clowns as they look for the spring. They get a clue that tells them to call on Zero-G Man and help him fly. They have to blow up balloons and send him into the air. One balloon pops, scaring them as the Helium tank was already loud. They manage to get the spring, and another clue. They run back to The Divine Lounge and reveal that the Jack from the Jack in the Box must also be changed before the artifact is cleansed.

JC and Teala are voted for the final challenge. JC chooses Matt as his partner, and Teala chooses Safiya. The irony is that Matt had voted for JC. During the challenge, Matt gets past the first part but gets stuck on the second, eating five hot dogs. However, Safiya flies through the four parts of the challenge, saving Teala. The head clown stabs JC just as Safiya gets the Jack in the Box to pop up and change heads. They rush back to the Divine Lounge, and read the note left behind. It says that not everyone in the town is telling the truth.



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