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The Carnival is a location in the Mansion's Backyard of Escape the Night. It is also called The Carnival of the Cursed.

Before the Guests Arrived

Sam didn't want to go out on stage, but The Ring Master called him a freak and made him. He went out, but the crowd boo'd. He got mad and choked a woman to death. The Masked Figure came and said that he could be respected at the mansion.

Episode 5 - Freak Show

The group has to vote two in to do challenges, they are Tim and Oli. They first do a bell smash game, Oli wins. A juggling challenge, they both fail. Tightrope walk, Tim wins. Then it comes down to the audiences vote who will get dunked into a tank of piranhas. They both go down! But The Ring Master has mercy, and didn't put piranhas in it. They get the artifact, and leave.

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