The Baking Room is a room in the Victorian House in Season 2 of Escape the Night.


Episode 5 - The Gingerbread Woman

Since only children were allowed to enter the baking room, the guests had to go and find Pepito, so that he could let them in. Here the guests found Sampson. He was the one with the Candy Gem, wearing it around his neck. The Gingerbread Woman entered and saw that the guests had her meat pie recipe. She had the guests go vote two people into the Baking Room Challenge, where the loser would be baked into her next pie. Tyler and Liza were voted in, but Sampson said that he would let them live and give them the Candy Gem if they helped him kill the Gingerbread Woman. They agreed, and Tyler, the winner of the challenge, said that the meat pie didn't taste right, claiming she needed to check the oven. Once she was in the oven, Sampson closed the oven door, locking her inside, ending her reign of terror.

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