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Tana Mongeau, nicknamed The Saloon Girl, is invited to a masquerade ball in the Victorian Era by The Sorceress, who was possessing Joey Graceffa at the time. She is later voted into the Spider Web Challenge against Gabbie Hanna on a race to save captured guests DeStorm Power and Jesse Wellens and retrieve the Spider Gem. She then finds out that she and Gabbie are both safe, but that one of the men will die. She intends to save Jesse, but Gabbie wins and rescues DeStorm. Later on, Joey and Andrea Russett are voted to walk The Path of Betrayal. They are forced to betray someone, and they choose Tana because she had originally lost to Gabbie during the Spider Web Challenge. She is then slashed through the stomach by the Path of Betrayal Guardian. Tana, renamed The Pin-Up Girl, later finds herself awake inside of the Museum of the Dead after being freed by Joey and Bretman Rock. She is then voted to fight Justine Ezarik in the Pyramid Challenge, in which she cries because she knows Justine will beat her. However, she actually beats Justine, and receives the scepter that controls the Mummy, believing that she saved Justine’s life by ordering him to stop. However, she is forced to betray Justine and kill her to obtain The Pharaoh's Key. She says she just wants to go home and sadly let’s the Mummy kill Justine, sobbing as Justine helplessly fights back before being killed. She is then voted into The Excalibur Challenge against Gabbie Hanna. She and Gabbie work together to try and both survive, but the magic protecting them from The Black Knight runs out, and he stabs her, killing her again, sending her to Hell

Season Competed:

Season 2

Season 4
Role The Saloon Girl The Pin-Up Girl
Ranking: 5th 6th
Challenges Entered: 1 (Ep.3) 2 ( Ep.2 & 5)
Challenges Won 0 1 (Ep.2)
Episode Eliminated Ep.6 Ep.5


Season 2

Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

Tana was one of the people to receive a invitation to Joey Graceffa's party at a beautiful estate which was trapped in time and the only way to travel there was to take on a persona from the Victorian Era accordingly so the carriage can take you across time to travel to the house.

Tana once entering the house stated that she was excited by the fact that she got to dress up with her friends. Suddenly Dorien then came down the stairs telling the guests that Joey would be making his entrance shortly. She was talking to Jesse and Destorm asking Destorm about his money explaining that she was a Saloon Girl and she came from nothing and slowly crawled her way up. Jesse then commented on how he was just trying to survive to which Tana replied "Aren't we all?". Tana then asked Lauren how she made her dress to which she replied she was The Engineer so she just made it. Suddenly Liza, Lauren and Tana all found a book with it bookmarked on Dorien with the bookmark saying "Evil"on one side and the other saying "Live". At the same time Gabbie, Andrea and Jesse discovered a cryptex and Alex, Tyler and Destorm a half of a map. Then Tana tells the group that they just meet Dorien and he is in the book they then take it down to the rest of the group and then the group realize that the word in the cryptex is "Evil". Then while the group is distracted Allison takes Alex and Tyler and tell them that they need to leave immediately because it was not safe. Then a vampire (unbeknownst to the group) comes down and grabs Liza and goes into a door which slams shut. Then Tana tells the group that they can't leave Liza.

Then Allison explains that her father is lying to them and is not the owner of the estate. Then a vampire (disguised as a ball dancer) told Allison to bring in the guests then they walk through the door and vampires start claiming who they are going to eat to which Tana notices which gets on her nerves. Then suddenly they realize that the guests are vampires they are about to become dinner. Suddenly Dorien pulls a curtain to reveal Joey tied to a cross to which the vampires have been draining his blood and drinking it. Then Dorien asked Allison if she was thirsty she said she wasn't so he then bought in the "warm one" which was Liza then Tana realizes why Dorien called them delicious there are vampires everywhere she then claims this is not what she signed up for. Then Tana runs across the vampires to Liza for a unknown reason then one of the vampires tell Allison she is done waiting then Allison attacks her by headbutting her and using a spark attack which gave the group time to get away from the vampires. Then they arrive in the Green Room to which Allison tells them that they need a circle of purified salt, a sunstone and a stake to kill her father then Tana wonders why Allison is being so nice to them she is a vampire too. Suddenly Lauren is captured. Then everyone starts ripping apart the Green Room looking for the salt then Gabbie jokingly comments "Has anyone looked in Tana's cleavage?" Then the group starts finding scrolls, Alex finds a box under the pool table then the key that they found from the cryptex unlocks the box and they have to recreate the king's last game of pool and the coordinates are hidden in the room. Then once they have recreated the pool game a box opens which has a key which unlocks the pool cabinet which Gabbie sees the salt vial but it is empty then Tana asks that they need to get salt not pool cues then the bell rings and Andrea is captured. They then check the cues and in one of them is the purified salt which was discovered by Destorm. Suddenly a vampire walks into the room ready to kill the guests

Episode 2 - The Masquerade Part II

Suddenly Allison begins to fight the vampire killing him while Tana and the others witness. Suddenly Joey Graceffa and Liza Koshy kill their guard and rescue Lauren and Andrea. Then Tana and the rest of the group drag the vampire's body outside where they reunite with Joey and the others. The group then start hugging Joey Graceffa including Tana. Suddenly Allison explains that her father was lying the owner to the estate is a sorceress and if she has eyes on you your days in this world are numbered. Then she continues the only way home is via the carriage the group follows Allison only to discover the carriage is gone. Then Liza gives Allison the book in which they found while trying to escape the room they were trapped in then she takes them to the Lounge there is a large portrait of the sorceress above a fireplace then Allison continues saying that there is a rumor that there is a crown rumored to be able to destroy her then the book which is locked tells them how to get it suddenly Destorm realises that he has a key with a watch then everyone thinks this is suspicious so then Liza who is holding the book says for him to pass the key then Jesse pulls out his gun saying give me the book then he says nevermind due to him not wanting the responsibility Liza then throws the book to Destorm then he reads out the journal as follows

"If you seek the Crown of Oblivion, be prepared for the deaths to follow, The Sorceress was once a peasant girl, who made a deal with a cursed god for power, she murdered the keeper of this estate, and trapped it in time so she might live forever, She has been gathering an army in preparation for a spell, that will open a portal to the modern world, and make her empress over all time. The spell requires the evil Joey carried with him and 9 innocent lives from the modern day there are 8 gems of power kept by the lieutenants if they can be gathered and placed in the map the Crown will be revealed, the wearer of the crown will have the power to stop her spell and return home however obtaining a gem will require unraveling dark mysteries and voting on two who will have to go through a terrible challenge resulting in death time is short by morning her spell will be complete and there will be no future to return to."

Then suddenly everyone realises that every time they collect a gem someone is going to die then Allison tells the group that her father wears a necklace around him with a gem in it the first gem of the Gem Map. suddenly she says that all they need is the sunstone and they will be able to kill her father. Suddenly Tyler tells everyone he has the map (only half of it) as pointed out by Gabbie then suddenly the look closely at the map at it has two hands and two obelisks then Jesse tells everyone if someone holds the 2 obelisks suddenly after Joey holds them Jesse notices that the table is lighting up and it's the second part of the map. Jesse then tells the team to get over here where everyone is in awe. Then Joey puts the 2 obelisks down and the table turns off then the team tell Joey to keep them up suddenly they sketch it and they realise that everyone needs to be in a certain place so Tyler starts giving everyone numbers (Tana being No #8) they then go into the Foyer where there is a vampire the team wait the vampire leaves and they continue they get into position and nothing happens Tana commenting about this because nothing was happening. then Andrea discovers a rope and realises that they need to go to their positions with the rope Tana commenting on how many YouTubers it takes to finish a puzzle out of rope. Suddenly a box opens in between Destorm and Alex revealing the Sunstone which means they now have everything ready to kill Dorien with.

They then return to The Green Room where Allison explains that every full moon her father gives a riddle to the vampires and anyone who wins it is allowed to dine with him alone. If they are incorrect then they are drained of their blood being his daughter she knows the answer it is history. Suddenly Lauren says she wouldn't be able to do it is to much pressure then Andrea volunteers herself to do it then Allison says there is one more thing they have to do get the human stench off her by drinking blood from a vampire so the team then go outside and Andrea drinks the blood of the vampire Allison killed earlier. Suddenly Andrea drinks the blood of the vampire while Tana cheers her on. Then she puts on a masquerade mask so the vampires don't know it is her. Then they begin to execute the plan to kill Dorien Liza and Gabbie volunteer to make a circle of purified salt then Alex will shine the Sunstone on Dorien and Joey will go in for the kill by stabbing him with a stake. Then Andrea goes through the doors to where all the vampires are where most of them are having an orgy. Suddenly the vampire who was in the foyer comes up to Andrea and asks if she came with anyone? Andrea replies no they then start to dance. Then Gabbie and Liza start to make the salt ring then Dorien gets up from his chair and asks his riddle:

"I can be created in the present, you may always find me in the past, but the future can never make"

What am I? Andrea then puts her hand up and answers history. Then Dorien starts to approach her and says that it is correct and says that she should met him in his private quarters to speak of more pressing matters. They then leave the room and Dorien is looking at the moonlight Andrea then starts to slowly walk away then Alex shines the Sunstone on him and suddenly Joey comes and stabs him right in the heart killing him and obtaining the first gem.

Suddenly the Queen of Vampires come down holding a crossbow causing Liza, Gabbie, Andrea and Joey to run onto the lawn while Tyler, Tana, Lauren, Alex, Jesse and Destorm to be attacked upstairs suddenly right as the Queen demands they kill them Allison runs onto the lawn explaining that these were her friends then she begs her mother to not kill them but however they vote privately for the race for The Golden Goblet the winner lives and the loser is the life they take her mother agrees. They then vote in groups Tana, Gabbie and Joey get into a group, then Joey says that he wants to kill Lauren then Alex and Lauren walk over Lauren is upset then Gabbie explains that she doesn't want to kill anyone off then Alex says let's leave this group that don;t believe in you Tana then saying to her I believe in you.

Then Destorm return the group holding the Golden Goblet then realises Lauren is dead then Tana believes that they all made a big mistake then Alex begins to cry blaming everyone for her death. Then Destorm starts walking back to his seat saying he said to not pick him then Tana tells him to stop being so defencive. Then Allison tells everyone that she has something to show them and reveals the Gem Map. She explains that for every gem there is a symbol for the lieutenants who hold that gem. Joey then places the first gem in the first slot suddenly thunder crackles and smoke evolves into the air Tana is seen shocked like the others.

Episode 3 - Tangled Web

The episode begins with the 1st gem being placed in the Gem Map then thunder crackled and smoke evolved into the air and out of the smoke comes the Sorceress. She then slams her staff on the ground and the door to the right of the guests open and out pops a spider lady who grabs Alex and through a door that immediately locks shut. The Sorceress then leaves. Afterwards, Tana notices a box which says "Break the seal and pour". Destorm with the goblet he received from the Vampire Queen, unseals the bottom of it and finds a shot glass. They then learn that they need to do four shots, which Joey decides to do. After the shots, the door opens and the group finds a sleeping Alex covered in spider webs. When Tana enters the room, Alex starts to wake up and rips the spider web off, which also reveals a key.

Later on, when the voting process began, Gabbie and Tana are chosen to go into the challenge, however they soon learn that neither one of them will be killed and either Destorm or Jesse will die instead. The two proceed to go into the challenge. In the end, Tana loses and Gabbie chooses Destorm to live. Jesse, unfortunately dies causing Tana to feel like she failed him. After returning, Tana and the rest of the group then realise that there is only 4 more hours til midnight and hear the Sorceress laugh in the background, startling the group.

Episode 4 - A Nation Divided

During the Civil War

After following Joey, the group is forced to split up into two groups (Confederates and The Dark Army). The two group's members being:


  1. Destorm Power
  2. Gabbie Hanna
  3. Andrea Russett
  4. Alex Wassabi

The Dark Army:

  1. Joey Graceffa
  2. Liza Koshy
  3. Tyler Oakley
  4. Tana Mongeau

In the end, the Dark Army (Tana's group) wins and is safe from being voted in. After the voting Tana and the rest of the group witness Alex and Destorm battle each other in the challenge. When Alex returns as the victor, Tana joins the rest of the group (except Gabbie) in cheering for him.

Episode 5 - The Gingerbread Woman

The guests are seen inside talking about how shocked they are over Destorm's death even though they wanted him to die they didn't want to see him die. They still have the chocolate bar Alex received after he won the challenge against Destorm. Gabbie then picks up the chocolate, opens it and finds a golden note saying:

"Once the children have spoken, devour me, and two paths will appear.

Everyone including Tana are shocked to realize that there are children trapped at the estate. After learning that the children are stuck in an oven, they also find out that the children's friend is stuck in the woods and in order to enter the baking room they must find him. Tana and a few others leave to find the missing child. Tana's group then finds a gingerbread house and assembles it, causing a chest to open up. They then find a key and leaves to find the child. The group then finds some stones on the ground. They look around and finds a chest and opens it using the key they found to open it. Inside is a note that reads:

"Nine pieces of candy must be placed on the Golden Stones to lure the lost child from the woods. Once all of them are placed, a child will appear to open the gingerbread (baking) room"

They put the candy on the stones, causing the child (Pepito) come out of the woods shocked to see Tana and the others. They tell him that they need to save his friends. The child then leads them to the baking room. Tana and the other then reunite with the rest of the group and heads to the baking room. After finding a man named, Sampson, the group finds Ezra and Delilah who run out and thanks the group for saving them. When the group notices that the necklace Sampson is wearing contains the Candy Gem, they then agree with him that they will trade the meat pie recipe for the Candy Gem. Suddenly the Gingerbread Woman walks in and notices the recipe. The Gingerbread Woman becomes enraged, grabs Sampson's hand and chops his fingers off with her butcher knife. After having her recipe returned, she then tells the group that they will vote and bring back two people and whoever loses will be put into her next meat pie. The group decides to vote for Tyler and Liza. After the challenge and defeating the Gingerbread Woman, both Tyler and Liza happily reunites with the group. The celebration is cut short however, as The Sorceress suddenly appears. Tana throws a lollipop at The Sorceress and is told to pick it up (she doesn't). Suddenly an Orange Harpie comes out of nowhere and is holding Sampson and kills him. Then a Blue Harpie comes out and grabs Liza, drags her inside and killing her. Tana and the group (still in shock) runs back to the Lounge with the Candy Gem.

Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

Tana and the group, now in the Green Room, are arguing and blaming Joey for Liza's death. However, the arguing is cut short, after the group learns that they must travel to another world to retrieve the next gem.

They meet a woman named, Sireen who then tells them that her world has been cursed by the evil Ice Witch and they need their help to defeat her. To defeat her they will need The Unquenchable Fire and to get that they must defeat the Harpies (the one's who killed Liza) who are guarding a Talisman. She continues saying that they will tear them to pieces if they don't have a great warrior by their side. She then tells them they must unfreeze Torhil to the Undying. Tana and the group then read the spell that will unfreeze him and learn must gather fairy tears and the Moss King's scepter. The group obtains both and uses them to unfreeze the frozen warrior. Suddenly the warrior is surrounded by fog and is then released. The group, along with the warrior, go to the Harpies and asks them if they can have the Talisman. They refuse and say they will only give it up if two players joined them in a Game of Stones. When deciding on the players, Tana volunteers, but the group decides on Alex and Joey instead. They then find out that the Harpies are cheating, causing the Harpies to go into a rage. Torhil to the Undying fights back and kills them, but during the fight some of their venom got into his blood and he died alongside them. They recover the Talisman. Sireen then appears and tells them to follow her. Now that they have the Talisman they can get past the Path of Betrayal's Guardian. They are then told only 2 can walk the Path of Betrayal. Tana and the group decides that Joey and Andrea should walk the path, since neither one of them has been in a challenge. Before they leave Tana says "We love you."

Eventually Joey and Andrea soon learn that they have to kill one of the four people waiting for them. Eventually, they choose Tana. Andrea drops the stone with Tana's name on it, breaking it. The guardian suddenly awakens and walks toward Tana with her yelling "What did I do?!". The guardian then slices her stomach, slaughtering her instantly. Tyler, Alex and (mostly) Gabbie were left traumatized at her demise. At the end of the episode, her body is seen lying in the back of the house.

Season 4

Episode 1 - Collecting the Dead: Part 1

Tana escapes from her exhibit in the Museum of the Dead, with the help of Joey and Bretman. Soon, she and the group meet The Sorceress and immediately recognizes her. She was not happy about it either. She bonds a bit with DeStorm and calls Tim useless.

Episode 2 - The Museum of Death: Part 2

Tana and the group enter the Sands of Egypt and meets Nefael (Former wife of the Pharoah) Afterwards she gets captured, along with Rosanna, and is taken to the Lounge.

Later on, Tana and the group begin deciding on who to send into the challenge. Justine and Tana's cards both get pulled. Tana tearfully admits that she thinks that she is going to be the one to die. Gabbie agrees with her, but tells her that everyone loved having her there. Alex gives her a hug and everyone wishes her and Justine good luck before they go into the challenge. The challenge required them both to make a pyramid and the one who finishes their pyramid last would be killed by the Pharaoh. Tana manages to finish her pyramid first and stops the Mummy from grabbing Justine by ordering it to bring her it's Jeweled Key, with both believing that they both can live. However it is then revealed that in order to retrieve the key, Tana must command the Mummy to kill Justine. Tana refuses to do so, but at the same time she knew she had to in order to get the key. She then tells the Mummy that she just wants to go home. Taking Tana's words as a command, the Pharaoh goes to attack Justine. However, Justine refuses to give up and attempts to kill the Mummy before it can kill her, with Tana cheering her on in the process. However the Pharaoh overpowers her and kills Justine for the second time. Although she was upset about her friend's death, she was also happy about finally proving herself. Tana then returns to the group, Jeweled Key in hand. Joey and Colleen were both surprised by the outcome.

Episode 3 - A Deal With A Demon

Tana is shocked when Alex Wassabi is choked by a mysterious bird monster. After Alex is thrown onto the couch by said bird, they find a note which reveals the identity of this mysterious bird creature, the Garuda. Whilst Joey reads the note. Tana in her confessional says that she believes all of the YouTubers are familiar with the idea of trading their soul for gold if the viewer gets what she means. The guests then begin their search for gold coins to avoid being forced into the final death challenge. They then discover the The India Exhibit where there are multiple jewels laying everywhere with Tana warning everyone that the Garuda is still out here and to be careful. They then discover that the Garuda is angrily searching for his gold coin that the guests have. The Garuda then leaves. Afterwards, they find a note that says to pay the one who never forgets. Colleen immediately gets the message and thinks they need to find a elephant. They then discover an elephant piggy bank. They then place the coin they have inside and it begins raining gold. Tana and the group then begin to collect the coins. They then must figure out who has the most coins and the YouTubers all share the amount they have:

  1. Bretman Rock has 32 coins
  2. Colleen Ballinger has 28 coins
  3. Joey Graceffa has 24 coins
  4. Rosanna Pansino has 18 coins
  5. Timothy DeLaGhetto has 15 coins
  6. Tana has 14 coins, causing her to be tied with Gabbie.
  7. DeStorm Power has "13" coins (No-one believes him, and they shouldn't).
  8. Alex Wassabi has 12 coins

Tana and Colleen begin to argue with DeStorm and demands that he show his coins, knowing he is obviously lying. She and the others soon discover a trunk that opens up and they find another clue. The Youtubers then learn that they must split up into two groups. One group shall go to Heaven, One shall go to Hell. To which Tana says in her confessional that she thinks everyone can guess where she's being sent to (Hell).

Tana and the group walk in to "Hell", when suddenly the Garuda appears in the hallway and chases after them. After outrunning the Bird monster, the group discover a small statue of the Hindu goddess Kali and underneath her statue is a note saying they must sacrifice one coin and chant her name 5 times to summon her. The group does so and the Goddess appears before them. She then tells them they must solve the blood riddle and place the items on the shelf from top to bottom in the correct order. She also states that afterwards that they shall be given the blades they need to slay the Garuda. They are then told that they must give her 2 coins so that they may begin the riddle. Because Tana and Gabbie the same amount of coins, they decide to pay the coin fee and Kali gives them a severed hand which contains the 6 riddles. They then realise that they must collect items to place on the shelf and begin searching the room with Tana finding a heart inside a dinosaur skull. They also look over and see The Sorceress trying to seduce Kali. Meanwhile Tana and Gabbie continue to look around. Upon discovering all of the items they then begin to match the items on the shelves. After matching all the items correctly a box opens revealing a note:

Making deals with demons is unwise. There's always a catch. You will recive the weapon when one of you is dead.
— The note

Kali then makes an offer to the guests that the person with the lowest coins will be given a scroll in exchange for two gold coins. DeStorm reveals he has the lowest amount of coins with only 7. He then gives her the coins making his grand total only 5. Tana then tells him that she knew that he was lying and was angry that he lied to the group. She and the group then read the scroll where and learn where they and the other group must meet up (The Circle of the Fallen). They arrive and reunite with the other group. The group then stand on symbols to begin the game. There is one red symbol which Tana had to step on because there were no other places. They then find a note explaining the rules of the game.

It's almost time to count your coins and face Garuda. Reach into the bxox and claim one scroll. Start with the person on the red symbol (Tana) and go around the circle to their right. Once everyone has drawn, open and read the scrolls in the opposite order. Any other scrolls found read at the end
— The note

They all go around the circle with everyone's coin total constantly changing until finally Tana reads her scroll which is to take two coins from anyone. She then takes the coins from Gabbie. After DeStorm read his scroll and demands that he take half of Alex's coins, Tana chimes in saying did he really think that he was going to give him half of his coins. Finally it is revealed that Timothy and DeStorm have the lowest amount of coins and are then forced into the final death challenge. Tana and the group then head back to the Lounge. Later on, DeStorm walks into the lounge with the Garuda’s Key. After using the key on The Collector’s Vault, the doors suddenly open up and a Chinese dragon comes into the lounge breathing fire. The episode ends with Tana saying that they are all gonna die.

Episode 4 A Wedding To Die For

Tana and the other remaining female YouTubers partake in the Emperor's trial to find a wife. Despite passing the first challenge (with her ability to twerk), Tana isn't chosen and Rosanna is chosen to be the Emperor's wife instead. The episode ends with her and her friends being startled by the voice of The Black Knight.

Episode 5 Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate 

The group must each drink from a glass, and two of them will cause their name to go into the voting pile automatically. Tana and Gabbie drinks from the two, causing their names to automatically go into the voting pile.

When it was time to vote and when Colleen and Joey moved away from the rest of the group, the others point out that they have an alliance, causing everybody (except Colleen) to vote for Joey. Despite Joey having five votes against him, it is Gabbie and Tana that are voted to go into the Black Knight's challenge to retrieve the fourth Jeweled Key. They are given 5 minutes to complete the challenge, as that is how long the light of protection will last for. The rest of the group decides to go into the challenge as well in order to help Tana and Gabbie, but as soon as they get there the time runs out. The Black Night goes to Tana and kills her. Once again, the Saloon Girl found herself being taken out by the sword of a monster.

Voting History

Episode Voted for Did she go into the challenge? Did She Win
The Masquerade Part II Lauren Riihimaki No N/A
Tangled Web Gabbie Hanna Yes No (but survived)
A Nation Divided DeStorm Power No N/A
The Gingerbread Woman Tyler Oakley No N/A
Endless Winter Night N/A No (was betrayed)


Museum of Death Part 2 Timothy DeLaGhetto Yes Yes
A Deal With A Demon N/A No N/A
A Wedding To Die For DeStorm Power No N/A
Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate Joey Graceffa Yes No


Season 2 8/12 Season 4 6/10
The Masquerade Part I The Museum of Death Part 1
The Masquerade Part II The Museum of Death Part 2
Tangled Web A Deal With A Demon
A Nation Divided A Wedding To Die For
The Gingerbread Woman Dark Magic and a Twisted Fate
Endless Winter Night The Maze of Terror (Recap)
Automaton Love Story (Recap) Be Careful What You Wish For
Full Moon Slaughter Cursed Treasure
The Dark Dimension Prehistoric Evil 
The Sorceress The Collector Returns
Monster's Ball
Behind The Scenes


Tarot Card

The Pin-Up Girl

The Saloon Girl
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  • "Tell me about your money. And your assets."
  • "NO! NO! NO! LIZA!"
  • “I believe in you! You have a good heart!” - Tana justifying herself for voting for Lauren Riihimaki.
  • ”I hear Jesse scream, and I feel terrible.” Tana in response to Jesse’s death.
  • “We love you...” - Tana saying good luck to Joey Graceffa and Andrea Russett.
  • "What did I do!? What did I do!?" - Tana's last words.
  • ”Oh, so this bitch is back!?” - Tana, reacting to seeing The Sorceress again.
  • ”She’s gonna beat me...” - Tana, after being voted into the Pyramid Challenge against Justine.
  • “Did I just do this!? Did I just do this!?” - Tana after winning the Pyramid Challenge.
  • ”Bring me the Jeweled Key!” - Tana, commanding the Mummy.
  • “No, I’m not gonna order him to kill Justine. Like what kind of sick and twisted bullshit is that?”
  • ”I hate this bittersweet feeling.”
  • “Mummy, I just wanna go home...” - Tana, sadly ordering the Mummy to kill Justine Ezarik.
  • ”All y’all underestimated me and I’m coming back with the first Jeweled Key.”
  • ”Y’all need me.”
  • "Look over there. Look." *proceeds to toss away dumplings while the Emperor isn't looking*
  • "I feel like a stripper!"
  • "Why are you running at me with a knife? Get away!"
  • ”I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do! I don’t know what to do! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” - Tana’s second last words.
  • "Of Course DeStorm Is Lying Like Shut Up And Count Bitch"


  • Both of Tana's roles are a type of scandalous girl (The Saloon Girl & The Pin-Up Girl).
  • Tana was almost going to leave the set of Season 2 because she felt like she was being ganged up on behind the scenes. However, Joey made her feel better.
  • Season 4, Episode 2 is the second time Tana was voted into a challenge and came out alive.
    • It is also the first time and only time she has ever won a challenge. 
  • She and Gabbie Hanna are the first to ever die in a double death challenge.
  • Both of her deaths involved a sword.
  • Tana, alongside GloZell Green, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Matthew Patrick, and Colleen Ballinger are the only few guests to be married. However, she wasn’t married during the filming of the show and ultimately divorced after the fourth season aired. Her legal name was still Tana Mongeau post-marriage.
  • She is shipped with fellow guest Gabbie Hanna.
  • One of the reasons Tana was not revived in Season 4 was because by the time the revival episode was filmed, she had already left the set to go to the MTV movie awards in Vegas.
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