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Shane Dawson, nicknamed The Renegade, was invited by Joey Graceffa to dinner at his newly acquired Estate, which was haunted by an ancient Evil and could only be found by traveling to the 1920s. Shane was secretly a member of the Society Against Evil and was really at the party with the mission of destroying the Evil trapped inside the house. However, the Evil of the House poisons Shane, giving him only 15 minutes to live. The other guests attempt to cure him but fail. Shane leaves a note in his jacket about what they need to do to escape the estate, telling them that they had to find four Ancient Artifacts that were hidden behind puzzles and clues marked by the Society’s symbol. Sometime after this, his soul is collected by The Collector and stored in the Jar of Souls. His soul is later freed by Joey, Bretman Rock, and Colleen Ballinger.

Season Competed: Season 1
Role The Renegade
Ranking: 9th
Time's Up For Elimination 0
Episode Eliminated Ep.1


Season 1

Episode 1 - An Invitation

Shane was excited to be at a party that was themed to the 1920s and a 'vacation’. Before dinner was served, Shane and Eva want to go looking around the house. Shane knows that Joey knew something was up with the mansion and they go anyway. When they get upstairs, they saw Sarah dragging a body across the hall. When Shane gets back to the dinner table, he gets poisoned and they have to find an antidote by answering riddles. But, they take longer than the 15 minutes and Shane dies. After he dies, they find out that Shane was a member of the Society Against Evil.

Season 3

Episode 10 - The Carnival Master

Shane is seen dead when Joey looks into The Carnival Master's crystal.

Season 4

Episode 1- Collecting the Dead: Part 1

Shane is spotted by Liza in The Collector's jar of souls.

Episode 10 - The Collector Returns

After Joey Graceffa, Bretman Rock and Colleen Ballinger are about to escape Purgatory they quickly stop by the Soul Jar and free all previously deceased guests souls, Shane's included where they float away finally free from The Collector's grasp.




Season 1

  • "I know what you are doing." - To Sarah, showing he knows what she is up to and what he saw her doing.
  • ”Can we look around?” - To Joey, When asking him if he and Eva can look around the Estate.
  • "Y'all jealous" - To the group, after receiving the note from Arthur
  • "I think I got poisoned." - Shane's final words.


  • Having more than 22 million subscribers, Shane is the most popular YouTuber to ever appear on the show.
  • Shane is the only guest to have died in the first episode of a season.
  • Shane is the very first person to die on the show.
  • Shane is also the only guest known to be a part of the Society Against Evil. However, since he was revealed as a member, Joey Graceffa, Matthew Patrick, and Nikita Dragun have all become members.
  • Joey confirmed that Shane's death was scripted in an interview
  • He also said in that interview that he tried to get Shane to return to Season 4 but doesn't specify why he was unable to.
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