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The YouTube Premium original series Escape The Night returns for a third dramatic and exciting season, as Joey's friends have been invited to save the town of Everlock! The guests must face scary creatures, solve puzzles, find clues, vote on who gets to fight for their life in survival challenges, and cleanse all 8 artifacts to defeat the Carnival Master and escape the night.

This season's guests' assistants are Calliope and Mortimer while this season's main villain is Nicholas (The Carnival Master).


Special Guests

Liza Koshy

This Season 2 original was featured in Escape the Night Season 3. When Joey Graceffa removed the crystal from the The Carnival Master's chest, Joey sshow the deaths of his friends. Liza then appears in the crystal and pleads for him to make things right and save his fallen friends.


Special Episodes

Confessional Looks

Progress Chart

Rank Guest Photo Role Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 Ep. 5 Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10
Survivors (Winners) Joey Graceffa JoeyS3.jpg The Savant SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE CRSD/2nd SAFE HOST
Matthew Patrick MatthewS3.jpg The Detective SAFE HELP SAFE SAFE DEAD RESR
2nd Manny Mua MannyS3.jpg The Record
3rd Rosanna Pansino RosannaS3.jpg The Jet-Setter SAFE SAFE SAFE VOTE SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
4th Safiya Nygaard SafiyaS3.jpg The Investigative
5th Colleen Ballinger ColleenS3.jpg The Disco Dancer SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE SAFE DEAD
6th Teala Dunn TealaS3.jpg The Super Spy SAFE VOTE SAFE DEAD
7th Roi Fabito RoiS3.jpg The Daredevil SAFE SAFE DEAD
8th JC Caylen JCS3.jpg The Hippie SAFE DEAD
The guest escaped the night.
The guest was resurrected back from the dead and was safe.
The guest went into a team challenge, won and saved their teammate from dying.
The guest went into a team challenge but failed to save their teammate.
The guest was ineligible for vote and was safe.
The guest was voted into a challenge, won and survived.
The guest was cursed and was automatically competing in a challenge, won and survived.
The guest was voted into a challenge, lost and died.
The guest was forced into a challenged due to failing a task, lost and died.
The guest died due to the guests betraying him/her.
the guest was not voted into a challenge but died with a plot twist
The guest was voted into a challenge and survived along with his/her challenger.

How They Died

Other Deaths

Below is a list of deaths of non-guest characters that occurred on screen. Deaths of extras are not included.

Death Episode Cause of death Killer Date
Mayor Janet The Clowns Here Kill Part 1 Thrown from a balcony A Killer Clown October 13th 1978
Bahar Venomous Affections Bitten The Snake Woman October 13th 1978
The Two Hunters The Man with No Name (Episode) Gassed Benjamin February 14th 1978
The Doll Maker Twin Dolls Stabbed multiple times The Twin Dolls July 19th 1978
Willie's Wife Funhouse (Episode) Shot Willie October 13th 1977
Lucy's Boyfriend's Aunt Control Issues Eyes ripped out Lucy November 24th 1977
Demon Dog Control Issues Stabbed Matthew Patrick October 13th 1978
Mortimer Control Issues Neck snapped The Carnival Master October 13th/14th 1978
Calliope Control Issues Strangled The Carnival Master

October 13th/14th 1978

Nicholas (The Carnival Master) The Carnival Master (Episode) Throat slit Jael

October 13th/14th 1978

Tarot Cards


Joey Graceffa=

The Savant
The Savant.JPG

|-| Matthew Patrick=

The Detective
The Detective.jpg

|-| Nikita Dragun=

The Troublemaker
The Troublemaker.JPG

|-| Manny MUA=

The Record Producer
DgLgyf UwAAU1D8.jpg large.jpg

|-| Rosanna Pansino=

The Jetsetter
The Jetsetter.JPG

|-| Safiya Nygaard=

The Investigative Reporter
The Investigative Reporter.JPG

|-| Colleen Ballinger=

The Disco Dancer
The Disco Dancer.JPG

|-| Teala Dunn=

The Super Spy
The Super Spy.JPG

|-| Roi Fabito=

The Daredevil
The Daredevil.JPG

|-| JC Caylen=

The Hippie
The Hippie.JPG





  • This is the first season where one of the helpers, Calliope, was part of the Society Against Evil.
  • Season 3 is also the first season where one of the helpers, Mortimer, was corrupted and betrays the guests.
  • Season 3 was the first and only season to feature a guest dying in every episode.
  • Season 3 aired on June 21, 2018, the earliest of any of the other seasons, beating Season 1 by one day.
  • This is the first season where everyone suspects something is up with Joey and he confesses what it is.
  • This is the first season to have someone fully resurrected
  • Season 3 is also the first season to not have previous winners guest star in it, but only appear in a flashback.
  • It is the first season to feature a fallen guest as a guest star, with Liza Koshy appearing in the Life Stone.
  • Joey revealed in an interview that he had purposefully made everyone suspicious of him by standing at the bridge before the church, but had to reveal that he that died as a way to keep people from voting for him. Not only was he nearly voted into the Elimination Challenge in Episode 5, but he had actually revealed his death (at the end of Season 2) four episodes early![1]
  • Season 3 is the first season to have a certain year of the time era it takes place in, taking place in 1978. Season 1 just takes place sometime in the 1920s, season 2 takes place sometime in the Victorian Era (which was 1837 - 1901), and season 4 takes place in purgatory without it's own time era (though the guests' roles are based off the 1940s).
  • Colleen had to have a talk with the producers, after she tried very hard to get Joey killed. They had to tell her Joey had to be a survivor this season.

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