Sam is a minor character in Escape the Night Season 3 and a Citizen of Everlock. He is one of the three citizens of Everlock whose curse must be broken in order to cleanse the Wickerman Doll. He is also the older brother of Maria. He is portrayed by Denis Sheperd.


August 21, 1978

Sandra, one of the Witches, seduced Sam before stealing his essence, turning him into bones. She kept his bones in the Cemetery.

Episode 8 - Wicked Witches

The group of Joey, Rosanna, and Nikita headed to the Cemetery to revive Sam, Calliope going with the group to give aid where she could. Joey was disguised as one of Sandra's lovers so that they could find Sam's bones. Once found, Joey became cursed because Sandra caught on to the ruse. However, Joey, Rosanna, and Nikita managed to revive Sam, and he gave them his wedding ring, an ingredient they needed to purify the Wickerman Doll.

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