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Randal is a minor character featured in Escape the Night Season 2. He is played by Marty Dew.


Episode 3 - Tangled Web

Randal is a man who was sent to steal the Spider Gem from Jorogumo. After the spiders find out, He is with Kira and Haruko in bed, they knock him out and tie him up using a web. By the time he is woken up, Jorogumo has entered the room. He asks to who is there, and then say "please don't kill me" right before Jorogumo kills him. Later on, Jesse and DeStorm get captured, and Gabbie Hanna has to choose who lives after beating Tana in a challenge. She chooses DeStorm, and Jesse is used as a meal for Jorogumo, like Randal.

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