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Purgatory is where Season 4 takes place, and inhabits The Collector and her Museum of the Dead.


In Catholicism, Purgatory is a sort of antechamber to Heaven. Contrary to popular belief, if you have made it there, you know you've made it to Heaven as opposed to Hell. Traditionally, Catholics also suppose the existence of a fourth-place, Limbo, for the unbaptized infants and those who followed God before the coming of Christ. The idea of Purgatory as a place arose sometime between 1160-1180, though the concept of Purgatory was around from before the time of Christ, appearing in both Roman Catholicism and Judaism.

In today's language, purgatory and limbo have started to become interchangeable (though they are two different places) as they are both described as a place where nothing happens, like you are waiting for something to suddenly occur. Example: "The doctor kept us in a state of limbo, conducting innumerable tests." and "My mom grounded me and now I feel like I'm in purgatory!" Additionally, "purgatory" is frequently used to refer to either a medium permanent afterlife or, as used here, a sort of sorting chamber where you wait for your permanent assignment of Heaven or Hell.

Time Periods

While Purgatory itself is in the 1940s, the active exhibit within the Museum of the Dead plays as a secondary era.


  • Joey revealed in a behind the scenes video on his YouTube channel that Season 4 was set in the 1940s.
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