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The Promethean Men are minor antagonists featured in Escape the Night Season 2. One was portrayed by Angel Manuel, and the other, who would later serve as a replacement lieutenant, was played by David Hutchison.


Episode 7 - Automaton Love Story

The Promethean Men are huge and imposing robot monsters created by Cedric. Promethean Men are tall, muscular men that wear a Victorian suit, black pants, socks and black shoes, and a gas mask. They are immortal-like and strong too as shown when one Promethean slaughters Gabbie pulling her heart right out. They also act as humans.

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

After stealing the Crown of Oblivion from Joey, Andrea, and Tyler, the Sorceress summons her faithful lieutenants. A Promethean acts as a replacement for Cedric, who no longer needs to fight since his bride is returned to him. He was later shot by the Jet Pack Girl after Joey, Andrea, and Tyler freed Riley.


A Promethean with Gabbie's Heart.


  • A Promethean is one of two replacement Lieutenant to appear in Episode 10, the other being Vera
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    A Promethan pulled Gabbie's heart out of her chest, instantly slaughtering her.

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