The Pirates are one of the Collector's monsters.


Rorik, Captain of the Pirates - Played by Richard Sharrah

He went in to where the guests are, with his pirates, looking for Jezebel, and calling her a traitor. He lets the group keep the key, however, he tells them that one must still die. Colleen and Rosanna have immunity, as they have got the Pirate's ring. It turns out to be a race, and Bretman finishes first. Joey finishes second, and Rorik claimed that he knew that Alex would lose. He then shot Alex Wassabi in the torso twice.

Jezebel, Captain of the Pirates - Played by Casey Malone

Once Rorik leaves, she thinks that the guests are working for him. She enters the room, holding Colleen with a dagger next to her throat. Joey swore an oath, and Colleen was let go. Colleen re-united with the guests. Jezebel tells the guests that if they help her find the treasure, she will let them keep it. She and Rorik get into a sword fight. She returns to the guests, and later gets back together with Rorik, presumably joining the crew yet again.

Pirate #1 - Played by Erwin Jones

Pirate #2 - Played by Savannah Southern-Smith

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She is part of Rorik's crew, and is very loyal to him. When Jezebel left the crew, she was the only female. The Pirates were looking for Jezebel when we first saw them, as she was a traitor to them. When Colleen and Rosanna were captured by the pirates, she kept an eye on them, while the others tried to go after Joey, Alex and Bretman. While she has her back faced in the opposite direction, Colleen grabs a bottle of alcohol. She tells them that they will be killed. Colleen then knocks her out by smashing the bottle against her head, and takes the key that she was carrying, freeing the two of them. When Rorik and Jezebel start kissing, she says that she thinks that she will be sick.

Pirate #3 - Sean French


Episode 8 - Cursed Treasure


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