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The Path of Betrayal Guardian is a minor character featured in season 2 of Escape the Night. The Path of Betrayal Guardian is the first guardian out of two, that the guests meet in the Ice Challenge. It is responsible for Tana's demise.


Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

The only way the guests could have access to the Path of Betrayal was to retrieve a talisman from the Harpies. To do that Joey and Alex had to play the Harpies in a game of stones. The Harpies cheated and were killed by Torhil to the Undying; however he died from being poisoned by the Harpies. Joey steps into the fountain and grabs the talisman. Sireen appears and tells them that they are the ones from the prophecy and then leads them to the path. The guardian tells them that two must be selected to walk the Path of Betrayal. The guests step aside and vote Joey and Andrea. Joey gives the talisman to the guardian and they are permitted access. In order for them to reach the Ice Queen, Joey and Andrea must solves three riddles to get three keys, to be given the Unquenchable Fire. The two must then choose one of their friends to betray. They decide that Alex and Tyler have proven themselves already and set their tiles aside. The two are left with Gabbie and Tana. Andrea suggests Tana to be betrayed and Joey reluctantly agrees, so Andrea smashes Tana's tile. Back at the entrance, the guardian awakes and marches towards the guests. Alex, Tyler, and Gabbie back away and are separated from Tana, who the guardian goes after. Tana pleads for her life, but the guardian slices into her stomach with his sword and she falls to the ground and dies. Alex, Tyler, and Gabbie were not pleased by this occurrence.

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