Nolan is a minor character in Escape the Night Season 3 and a citizen of Everlock. He is one of the three citizen of Everlock whose curse must be broken in order to cleanses the Wickerman Doll, the others being Sam and Maria. He is cursed to look like a pig. He is portrayed by Clark Moore.


August 21, 1978

He is first introduced fanning money at Debra as she pole dances for him in the back of Fatman Slim's. Debra then stops dancing and approaches him demanding all the money before then calling him a pig and cursing him.


Nolan being cursed to look like a pig.

Episode 8 - Wicked Witches

October 13, 1978

He is first seen by the guest at the Pump station were he is handcuffed to the pumps with a burlap sack over his began them to untie him before the witches return to burn him, after being released he then takes off his mask. The guests gawk at him, causing him to angrily ask, "Have you never seen a man with a pig's face before?" Nikita responds with a yes, she has.

Tied up
After that, Nolan says he stole something from the witches before being tied up. This tells the group that the need to go to to Fatman Slim's, where they meet Maria. The guests find the witches' spell book, where they learn how to break the curses placed on Nolan, Sam, and Maria, as well as purify the Wickerman Doll. Nolan's ingredient was the pig's snout. Matt, Manny, and Mortimer went to get the ingredients for the invisibility cloak, and the ingredients for the Reverse a Swine spell. After much running around, the three men return and remove the curse from Nolan, who gives them his bloody pig snout before leaving Fatman Slim's.


  • Due to his curse, Nolan gained the nickname "Pig Face" from the guests and fans.
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