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The Museum of the Dead resides in purgatory. It is run by the Collector and houses all the past guests who have died in the past.


The Museum of the Dead houses everything the Collector has gathered from the different eras, with her latest exhibit being that of fallen YouTubers. When one of the 9 Jeweled Keys is placed in The Collector’s Vault, a new exhibit awakens to terrorize the guests.


Picture Name
YouTuber-Exhibit The YouTuber Exhibit
Egyption Exibit The Egyptian Exhibit
3AEB088D-01EE-4A8C-9505-E97EF69A680B The India Exhibit
ChinaExhibit The Ancient China Exhibit
385D08E6-B3D8-4C0E-8F04-D4E476E7D89B The Britannia Exhibit
8AF3128D-CBE5-4380-BE83-0A050AC246A1 The Greek Exhibit
Arabia The Arabian Exhibit
Carribean Exhibit The Caribbean Exhibit
PrehistoricExhibit The Prehistoric Exhibit
MonsterExhibit The Monster Exhibit


  • During the Escape the Night Season 4 behind the scenes, Joey confirmed that one of the eras of inspiration was the 1940s.
  • Season 4's Museum of the Dead was filmed at the Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Simi Valley, California.
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