Mayor Janet Wilson is a minor character featured in Escape the Night Season 3. She is the Mayor of Everlock and the mother of Mortimer. Though uncredited, Lisa Catara played the late mayor.


Episode 1 - The Clowns Here Kill Part 1

She appears shortly after Joey receives the Jack in the Box. Calliope insists that the carnival is sucking the life out of everyone, but the Mayor denies this and tells the guests to ignore her, calling her "gypsy trash." After Calliope points out that the Jack in the Box is dangerous, Janet asks Joey to open it. When he does, screams can be heard, but the Mayor denies this, telling them to "just enjoy the carnival." Seconds later, she is picked up by one of the killer clowns which the Jack in the Box summoned, and is thrown from her balcony to her death below.

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