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Mannequins is the fourth episode of Escape the Night.

Official Description

The guest uncover clues hidden inside a macabre mannequin display that represents a serial killers finest work

Episode Summary

After Justine is dead, GloZell thinks Joey was faking about being sad. Oli takes the box they found with the artifact and smashes it, revealing a slip that says IDLE. They find a clock which has four hands, that they turn to the number the letters are in the alphabet, which it 9-4-12-5. It reveals a keyhole on the bookshelf in the library, and a photo of the staircase in the foyer. Tim sees a car outside, and asks Sierra to go see it with him. Joey feels around the staircase, and a piece of wood falls, which holds the key. They open a door, leading to the secret room, the room is full of mannequins, they notice Tim and Sierra are gone. Tim goes in a little window of the car and unlocks it, they check the glove compartment, and get a note that says 'Slow Down'. Tim finds a key by the brake, it opens the trunk that has a mannequin in it. The rest of the group find a not in the secret room, and says they need five mannequins, but there is only four. They find out the mannequins represent the family that Calvin murdered. Tim and Sierra come in with the mannequin, and complete the dinner for five. They receive a clue that says two must be voted to play 'perverse games' on the second floor for the artifact. The group votes and Joey and Lele are drawn. The go upstairs. They first have to play 'Spin the Bottle' with mannequins until they get a number from under the door. Then Lele has to have a 'Ménage à trois' with two mannequins. Joey has to do 'stuff' with a female mannequin. They get the code and enter it on a drawer, a book comes out, which is a murder journal. It says the next name you write, will die a horrible death. Lele wants Matt, but Joey wants GloZell. They write GloZell and she coughs up blood downstairs by the rest of the group, and dies. They get the artifact. Joey says not to tell them they killed GloZell. They go down stairs and Matt starts getting mad, and Lele says it was him or GloZell. Joey gets mad she told, then they hear roaring. Arthur says the house has released it's guardian.


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