Lele Pons is a Guest on Season 1 with the role of The Hustler. She is the eighth and final Guest to die in Episode 9. She lands in 4th place.


Episode 1

She is the second to last guest to arrive at the mansion followed shortly by Timothy. After Joey makes his grand entrance, she is seen having drinks with him, Oli, Andrea, and Sierra in the foyer, asking Joey if he owns the house, saying in her confessional she needs to be apart of it because "it's just big". After saying he does not have the deed yet she responds with "so you're not rich", before he mentions he will be singing the deed tobight.

Episode 2

Lele is voted into the first death challenge by Matt Haag, but survives after Eva manages to win the Partner challenge.Lele is one of the of the 9 people who voted Justine into the coffin. She also helped Timothy carry Justine into the coffin.

Episode 3

No special events happened in this episode.

Episode 4

Lele is voted into Peverse Games with Joey. It was then revealed that the two of them would have to betray one of their friends, killing them. Lele insisted on killing Matt, but Joey promised that he would convince Matt not to vote her as they built a bond over the course of the challenge. Joey then, against Lele's will, voted GloZell, killing her.

Episode 5

No special events happened in this episode.

Episode 6

No special events happened in this episode.

Episode 7

Lele convinces the group to vote Matthew Haag into the challenge, and cheers Timothy after he manages to defeat Matt, killing him.

Episode 8

Lele votes Eva into votes Eva into the challenge, knowing Eva could handle the consequences and win against whomever is voted into the Challenge.

Episode 9

Lele, along with the remaining Guests votes herself into the Final Challenge. After she is told that they have to pick partners of opposite Genders, Lele is left with no choice but to pick Joey. After Joey fails to rescue Lele, she is electrocuted and is the last person to be killed.

Season 3

The Carnival Master (Episode)

Lele is shown on the crystal screaming hinting for a season 4 to save all of the dead guests.


Episode 1-An Invitation:

"Matt wasn't doing anything he was just standing there"

Episode 2-The Ungodly Machine:

  • "This is like Saw!"

Episode 3-Buried Alive:

"Joey we have to"

Episode 4-Mannequins:

" I think we should kill Matt"

Episode 5-Freak Show:

"aw your going to heaven"

Episode 6-Did Someone Call for an Exorcist?:

" You guys are sick"

Episode 7-Mermaid Tails:

" I'm So Happy im not the only one yelling at Matt"

Episode 8-All Out War:

  • "I wouldn't mind getting stuck for a hundred years with this guy."

Episode 9-Wicked Hallucinations:

  • "I hate that basement."
  • "Joey, please try. You're not trying!"
  • "I'm getting super pissed at Joey. He's literally throwing it on my feet!"