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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution...

This is a list of the last words heard spoken by the guests (not including confessions).

A person's last words can sometimes be found on their grave.

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Season 4

Helpers' Last Words

  • Alison - "Go! Go! Run and don't look back!"
  • (Survived) Jetpack Girl - "You can come with me. It'll be okay."
  • (Season 3) Mortimer - "I've done all that you asked."
  • Calliope - "It's the evil inside you talking. Please."
  • (Season 4) Mortimer - "Get outta here. Hurry!"


  • DeStorm and Lauren have eachother’s names in their last words of their latest season.
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