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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution...
These are the Last Confessions heard by the guests before they met their fates, be it death or survival.

GloZell’s last confession.

Season 1 

  • Shane Dawson- "I know I saw something with the Maid, I know for sure Eva saw it, but I think it’s best to not bring it up, but eventually I’m going to have to tell everybody.”
  • Andrea Brooks- "We are searching everywhere it’s this book we need to find with a symbol, I’m looking at this grandfather clock it has cabinets no one is looking in it. I open up the door and I found it! I was so happy!"
  • Justine Ezarik- "There’s so many different roads, there’s so many different paths I mean any way we go could potentially be correct...or wrong, depending on which way we go.”
  • GloZell Green- "Sorry Boo.”
  • Sierra Furtado- "The girl was like pretty strong, I’m trying to hold her down and not let go, because if I let go I’m gonna die.”
  • Matt Haag- "It‘s me or Timothy like thats what it comes down to, that‘s it, and I’m trying to come out of this alive.”
  • Timothy Delaghetto- "When I see Eva pick up the gun as she is looking at me while pulling the trigger...I almost would rather shoot myself in the head cause I don’t know if I can watch this!”
  • Lele Pons- "I’m getting super pissed at Joey! He’s literally throwing it on my feet!


  • Oli White- "I don't think I'm gonna go to another dinner party."
  • Eva Gutowski- "I feel so lucky to have survived."

Season 2 

  • Lauren Riihimaki- "I just, like my brain cannot process that I was here for a dinner party and ended up about to be eaten by vampires..”
  • Jesse Wellens- "That seemed about right that girls needed to fight to save me.”
  • DeStorm Power- "Third time wasn’t the charm for me, it was my time to go.”
  • Liza Koshy- "What? What is this about?”
  • Tana Mongeau- "I’m honestly disappointed that they wouldn’t let me play, are lives depends on this game of stones!”
  • Gabbie Hanna- "I don’t know how far along he (Alex) is then all of a sudden I see him stand up, and my heart drops! (Gabbie shouting: “Alex No!”) Pun intended.
  • Alex Wassabi- "No one was able to escape their fate, so I did little to fight back..”


Season 3 

  • JC Caylen- "I’m not feeling too hot right now, I don’t think I deserve to die... I kinda missed out...”
  • Roi Fabito- "My head is in so many thoughts, am I gonna die? Am I gonna find these pieces? What’s Nikita doing?”
  • Teala Dunn- "I finally ended up having 3, I look over, Ro has 3 too, so I need to step up my game.”
  • (Before Revival) Matthew Patrick- "I see how angry that Strongman is! He wants blood!”
  • Colleen Ballinger- "I cannot believe that my friends are trying to kill me, I have never been more scared in my whole life then I am right now.”
  • Safiya Nygaard- "What’s going on? Where is Manny and Nikita?”
  • Rosanna Pansino- "I’m fighting for my life! I’m getting more and more nervous, I see my friends moving farther and farther away from me and I’m still drinking!”
  • Manny Mua- "She’s empty, she goes and she locks it nothings going on inside, I start to go like intense I start to like literally throw up freaking everything around us!”


  • Matthew Patrick "Okay, well, you have your own business, but don't be too long! Like, we’re getting out of here!”
  • Nikita Dragun "Tonight I found this strength and this will to fight, and I think in a twisted way, that was a gift from this town.”

Season 4 

  • Justine Ezarik- "I don’t blame Tana and I know she didn’t want to do this, but I was like, ‘girl that’s not how it works. This is, this is it, like you have to do this, or we both die!’”
  • Timothy DeLaGhetto- "Garuda! Snatches me up out the game! And I’m like ‘why has my blue goddess boo forsaken me.’”
  • DeStorm Power- "There is a whole damn fiesta going on outside!”
  • Tana Mongeau- "Oh my gosh did I just finish the second puzzle too?!”
  • Gabbie Hanna- "I watch him kill Tana, and then he looks at me..”
  • (Before Revival) Colleen Ballinger- "How can this happen?!? I trusted Matt I thought he was gonna save me! I thought he was my Guardian Angel!”
  • Alex Wassabi- "Being here in Purgatory, I lost my way. I thought maybe I was evil. But at the end of the day, I might not have pirate's blood, but I definitely have a hero's heart."
  • Rosanna Pansino- "I have a small amount of hope that maybe I can train these dinosaurs like Chris Pratt.”


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