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Lakshmi is a minor character featured in Escape the Night. Season 4. She appears in the "Before the Guests Arrive" segment for Episode 3 along with Garuda. She is portrayed by Sanchita Malik.


Episode 3 - A Deal With A Demon

During the Gupta Empire 610 A.D.

Lakshmi is flown down into Garuda's nest by Garuda himself and for a moment she looks in awe at how much gold is in his nest until she turns back around and demands to know why they left her brothers and that they will not be happy about this. Garuda then pulls out his blades and tells her that her brothers will indeed be very unhappy before then slitting her throat and taking the ruby red stone she possessed. Garuda then gives The Collector the stone she possessed in exchange for more gold to add to his collection. This stone later is seen to be placed inside The Collector's crown/headress and seems to be the source of her magic.

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