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Kira is one of the assistants to the second lieutenant Jorogumo, along with Haruko. She is played by Nikki SooHoo.


Episode 3 - Tangled Web

In the start of the episode, before the guests have arrived, Kira and Haruko are in bed with a man named Randal, they tell him that a third guest will be joining them, little does he know that it would be Jorogumo. He asks to see the gem, and they eventually knock him out and tie him up to the bed, using a web. Jorogumo enters the room, and he asks who is there, then pleads for his life. Jorogumo then devours the man.

Kira and Haruko play strip poker with DeStorm and Jesse, and eventually blindfold them, knocks them out and brings them to Jorogumo, and two girls must then go into a death challenge to save them, those girls end up being Gabbie and Tana. Gabbie wins, however, Jorogumo does not kill females, so Tana stays alive and Gabbie must decide between choosing Jesse and DeStorm to live. She seems under pressure, but chooses DeStorm, as they seem to have the closer bond. Jorogumo then devours Jesse. If Kira and Haruko had never asked them to play strip poker, the guys probably wouldn't have their lives at stake.

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