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King Arthur is a minor character in Escape the Night Season 4. He is killed by the Black Knight after putting Excalibur into a large stone. He is portrayed by Randy Ross.


Episode 5 Dark Magic and A Twisted Fate

When The Collector visits The Black Knight, she gives him the strength to kill King Arthur. The Black Knight goes over to King Arthur and stabs him since The Black Knight wanted Exalibur. King Arthur is able to perform to make sure that The Black Knight take Exalibur by putting the sword in the stone. The Black Knight stabs Knight Arthur once again, this time killing him. The Black Knight is then unable to remove the sword from the stone when he tries to, thanks to King Arthur.


The Legend of King Arthur, or Arthurian Legend, is quite famous. As a boy of 15, Arthur pulled a sword from the stone, and soon is advised by Merlin, a powerful and wise wizard. Through out his life, he brought Camelot to greatness, face many wars, founded the Knights of the Round Table, was betrayed by those close to him, and was killed by his son's hand while also killing his son at the same time. Arthur inspired greatness in all who followed him, and still inspires many people in literature, movies, and pop culture.

However, his existence is debated by historians as there is little to no evidence of such a man or king ever existing in Britain during the 6th Century. Still, this has not stopped people from pondering where Excalibur is, looking for it, and becoming the true king of Britain, following in the legendary man's mythical footsteps.

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