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Jorogumo is the second lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2. She also has two female followers, Haruko and Kira. She is played by Coel Mahal.


Episode 3 - Tangled Web

Before the episode starts, the goddess had her followers, Kira and Haruko, entangle a male stranger onto a bed that resulted in him being a meal to this goddess. He pleas to live, but she kills him. When she becomes hungry, she has her victims, all male, drink four shots of liquor before draining them of their blood.

After being summoned by the Sorceress, she captured Alex and wrapped him in her web. While the other guests were busy with this, Jesse and DeStorm get snatched up by Haruko and Kira. While holding knives to the two men's necks, Jorogumo descended from the sky. She made the guests think that she would take one of the females for the lives of Jesse and DeStorm. This was a trick and it resulted in Jesse's death when Gabbie chose to save DeStorm instead.



  • It was revealed she was a spider goddess in A Nation Divided.
  • In Japanese mythology and folklore, Jorogumo is a type of creature that can shapeshift into a beautiful woman.
  • Its Kanji symbols were 女郎蜘蛛 or "woman-spider".
  • She did not return in Episode 10 when The Sorceress summoned all of her lieutenants due to the season's budget running out on CGI
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