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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution....

Jorogumo is the second lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2. She had also two female followers that captured two male guests, namely, DeStorm Power and Jesse Wellens. She is responsible for Jesse Wellens's demise.


Episode 3 - Tangled Web

Before the episode starts, the goddess had eaten a male guests after her followers entagled a male stranger into a bed that resulted to being a meal to this goddess. She was thirsty and devoured all of her male guests. She tricked the guests that resulted in the death of Jesse Wellens.


  • It was revealed she was a spider goddess in A Nation Divided.
  • In Japanese mythology and folklore, Jorogumo is a type of creature that can shapeshift into a beautiful woman.
  • Its Kanji symbols were 女郎蜘蛛 or "woman-spider".
  • Surprisingly, she did not return in Episode 10 when The Sorceress summoned all of her lieutenants it is unknown why she was not featured.