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Jetpack Girl is the former assistant to Cedric and helps the guests try to control her boss and get the Gear Gem. She returns in Episode 9 to help the guests after Allison's death. She is portrayed by AJ Martin.


Episode 7 - Automaton Love Story

Jetpack Girl is working in Cedric's lab when The Automaton Bride stops working. She asks what happened and he says to leave and that her services are no longer required. She walks off.

Cedric accuses the guests of destroying his life's work. Jetpack Girl appears and stuns him in place for a few minutes. She leads the guests away and then explains to them about Cedric and the Automaton Bride. She recommends to the guests to rebuild her as she wants him to see that she can make something that works. Tyler asks if they can get a gem out of this and she says that she thinks she can arrange that.

Tyler steps on a landmine, and Jetpack Girl says that he will blow up if he moves his leg. The guests have 5 minutes to shoot some targets to disable the bomb before he blows up. There ended up being less than 3 seconds left to defuse it.

When the guests are trying to find parts for the Automaton Bride, Jetpack Girl guards the area. When she gets back, there is blood on her face. Prometheans start showing up, and Jetpack Girl tries shooting at them, however one grabs her and brings her to the guests, where Cedric appears, saying that one of the guests' heart will be used on the Automaton Bride.

Episode 9 - The Dark Dimension

Jetpack Girl is inside the mainsion and tells the guests to come inside. The guests are relieved that she is here since Alison has died. She asks the guests if they saw The Devouerer, they tell her that they have, she then tells that guests that it is scared of the idols. Jetpack Girl is the one who deals the cards, making her a temporary helper

Episode 10 - The Sorceress

When a Promethean corners Riley, Jetpack Girl shows up and shoots it twice, killing it and saving Riley. After The Sorceress kills Joey, Riley slits her neck. Jetpack Girl is shocked by all of this and covers her mouth. When they get back to modern times, Jetpack Girl reassures Riley and says that she can come with her, the two walk off together.


  • "Jetpack Girl. Nice to meet you!"
  • "That was Cedric. He's my old boss. He's a real asshole sometimes."
  • "He thinks someone sabotaged her and right now he thinks y'all did it."
  • "Oh. That's less time than I thought you had..."
  • "Not so fast, asshole."
  • "You can come with me. It'll be okay."
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