The Jack in the Box is one of 8 Carnival Artifacts that belongs to The Carnival Master. Opening it releases the Killer Clowns.


Episode 1 - The Clowns Here Kill Part 1

Joey "wins" the Jack in the Box at a carnival game. When he opens it, the Killer Clowns attack the townspeople. The group in Flint's Arcade finds the gear and instructions to cleanse the Jack in the Box.

Episode 2 - The Clowns Here Kill Part 2

The guests must find all three remaining pieces (the spring, the song and the head) to cleanse the Jack in the Box. JC dies in order to get the new head, after Safiya wins the challenge saving Teala meaning MatPat loses and Safiya can cleanse the artifact and also ends up finding a note saying "Not everyone in town is telling the truth".


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