The Ice Witch is the fifth lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2.


Episode 6 - Endless Winter Night

In Another Realm

The Ice Witch is seen freezing a statue possibly a man until suddenly Torhil to the Undying walked into her lair screaming "Evil one you've frozen our land and slaughtered our people. Prepare for death!" expressionless she then freezes Torhil to the Undying.

After Joey and Andrea betray Tana resulting in her death the Ice Witch comes out after a couple of seconds she tries to kill them however Joey lifts the Unquenchable Fire burning her thus killing her in the process however she did not leave the gem behind so it was currently unknown where the Ice Gem is. It is later revealed in The Dark Dimension that Sireen somehow stole the Ice Gem from the Ice Witch and put it into the compass that lead them to her realm.


  • She is the third lieutenant to be killed by the guests
  • She did not have the Ice Gem because Sireen had put it in her compass that lead the guests to her realm