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The Garuda is one of the Collector's monsters and a minor antagonist of Season 4. He is obsessed with gold.


Episode 2 - The Museum of Death: Part 2

At the end of the episode, Tana inserts the first jeweled key into its slot, releasing the Garuda. It attacks Alex as soon as he's about to open the door

Episode 3 - A Deal With A Demon

In the start of the episode, he goes on the ground with Lakshmi. She is confused as to what he is doing, he slits her throat and gives the stone she had to the collector for money. Garuda kills Timothy DeLaGhetto after he fails to win the Death Challenge, by beating him to death. DeStorm Power uses the blade he receives from Kali to slay him.


In Hinduism, the Garuda is a divine, eagle-like bird that is said to be the king of the birds. The Garuda can appear as an eagle, but it's primary shape is a humanoid bird. It is named a Deva in some stories, making it a male deity as opposed to the Devi, or female deities.

Devas are seen as the good side to the Asuras evil. It is also said that the Garuda can eat snakes, dragons, and in some cases, evil men. Due to their heavenly status as a force of good and followers of Vishnu, many in the Hindu religion see the Garuda as holy beings that protect.

However, the view of what is good depends on how you look at things. If the Garuda perceives what it is doing as good, it may perform acts of villainy without knowing it. One such case is in a story of a Garuda asking the god, Indra, for the amrta (water of life) to free his mother from slavery. Indra did not believe the Garuda's story, forcing the Garuda to steal the amrta. Indra found out and went to retrieve it, fighting the Garuda. Indra lost his thunderbolt in the epic battle but ultimately retrieved the amrta. This story shows that it depends on what side you are on how the Garuda is seen. Many would say that the Garuda was good for trying to save his mother and did what was necessary, but a few might say that the Garuda was in the wrong for disobeying the King of Heaven and the Devas, no matter the reason.


Escape the Night Season 4 Episode 3-A Deal With A Demon (Lieutenant Scene)

Escape the Night Season 4 Episode 3-A Deal With A Demon (Lieutenant Scene)


  • Deva sounds like day-v-uh.
  • His bird face is actually a mask, as revealed in the episode he debuts in. He's actually a Human, or at least human-like being.
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