The Funhouse is home to Willie in Everlock.


Episode 7 - Funhouse (Episode)

The Funhouse is run by Willie. It has three rooms inside of it, the Candy Room, the Lava Room, and the Sideways Room. It is also where the Funhouse Challenge takes place.


The challenge for the guests in the Funhouse is when they arrived in the spinning elevator at the end of the hallway. The spinning elevator will bring the guests into random rooms. And, when a red light flashes, the first guest that arrives need to go into the elevator within 5 seconds and they will be brought back into another room to help the others. However, Willie will spin the Wheel of Disaster and will go to the room that the pointer of the wheel points into. When Willie enters the room, he will capture the guest that is nearest to him and he will put them inside a blank room with a locked metal gate until there is two guests left.

The Candy Room

Matt, Safiya, and Rosanna is the ones that got into this rooms first. They must complete the candy collection in the room by popping the balloons with the treats inside. After that, they will be given a lollipop spiral puzzle that they need to complete. However, the guests in that room need a map in order to complete the puzzle, the map is in the Sideways Room.

The Sideways Room

Manny, Joey, and Nikita go into the sideways room and must put things where they belong, but they are missing one of the books, which is in the Candy Room. Later, they need a combination that can be found in the constellations, and the combination is in the Lava Room.

The Lava Room

Once the Candy Room and the Sideways Room are completed, any guests not captured by Willie must hit a series of lights that flash in the correct order. They can only jump from one safe platform to another, or they must start over again.

Guests Captured by Willie

This is the list of guests Willie captured in order.

  1. Matthew Patrick
  2. Nikita Dragun
  3. Joey Graceffa
  4. Manny Mua
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