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There are spoilers on this page! Continue with caution...

Freak Show is the fifth episode of Escape the Night.

Official Description

The guests must defeat the houses' monstrous guardian by summoning the wicked circus he was stolen from.

Episode Summary

Joey brings back a Circus ticket. They need to find the source of the orange smell, which Joey finds. There is a ticket box. They put the ticket in and get two clown masks. The Guardian arrives, and they must get to the safe zone in the backyard. They two people wearing the mask are invisible, and must trade every often. Eva and Sierra go first but don't find anything. Joey and Lele find a key in a birdbath, it is for the pool house. There is a chest with a chest inside of it, which is locked. The group solves the code, which involves mirrors. They get a music box and played it, The Ringmaster takes The Guardian to the Carnival. Inside is the artifact. They have to vote two in, which is Oli and Tim. The first challenge is hitter a sledgehammer on a bell ringer, Oli wins. The next is juggling, they both fail. Then it's tightrope walking, Tim wins. The Ringmaster says it's down to the audience's vote who dies. They are put in a dunk tank, The Ringmaster says it's full of piranhas. The Ringmaster puts them both down, but only to find out there are no piranhas. They get the artifact, and question what to do next, thus preparing us for the ritual next episode.


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