Female Test Subject is a minor character featured in season 1 of Escape the Night. She is played by Angelique Pereira.


Episode 2 - The Ungodly Machine

The Female Test Subject is one of the two students killed during one of The Ungodly Machine’s runs, along with the Male Test Subject. They are seen begging to not be killed, however, they are forced to inhale toxic gas, killing them both. The run ended up being a failure as there was not enough power.

The guests voted into the challenge later on in the episode, who are Andrea Brooks and Lele Pons, had to choose someone to help save them which are Justine Ezarik and Eva Gutowski. That person would then have to break The Ungodly Machine by completing a puzzle to save the person that they are helping. In the end, Eva Gutowski wins, saving Lele Pons, and Justine Ezarik loses, since Justine was helping Andrea, poisonous gas enters her tube, forcing her to inhale it and die the same way she did.

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