Fatman day

Fatman Slim's during daytime

Fatman Slim's is a bar in Everlock. It is also a location in Venomous Affections, the third episode of Season 3.


Episode 3 - Venomous Affections

The guests have split into two groups. One group comes to Fatman Slim's. There, the guests must find a series of clues that lead to a password for Cedric. Suddenly, the Snake Woman arrives, and bites Teala. Once they give the password to Cedric behind the door, they have to play an oversized table top game, and anyone who makes the tower of blocks fall is sent to the final challenge. Roi, egged on by Nikita, is the person that knocks the tower down.
Fatman Slims

Fatman Slim's on the Everlock Map

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