Fatima is a minor character in Season 4 of Escape the Night, and the lover of Sinbad. She is portrayed by Shay Aljadeff.


Episode 7 - Be Careful What You Wish For

Sinbad introduces Fatima to the group, and the guests find out that the two are greatly in love, however, their love was not allowed. Fatima and Sinbad help the guests as much as they can. When Sinbad is stabbed in a sword fight with Ali Baba, who was stabbed by Sinbad as well, leading to Sinbad's death almost immediately. Fatima runs over to him, crying with despair on his body. When Joey and Bretman are chosen for the death challenge, Bretman loses. Scheherazade asks for Fatima to write Bretman's name on the sheet of paper, which would kill him. Fatima, however, quickly writes down the name 'Scheherazade'. She shouts at Scheherazade, saying that was for killing her love. The Thieves go over to Scheherazade, and proceed with stabbing her, which kills her.

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