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Escape The Night (abbriviated. ETN) is a surreality series created and hosted by Joey Graceffa. The show first premiered on June 22, 2016 as one of YouTube Premium's first batch of original content. The show was the "Longest Running YouTube Original Series" on its original network, when Season 4 premiered. As of the 2019 Streamy Awards, a total of four awards have been won by the show - including Best Unscripted Series. The franchise has grown beyond the digital series to include an Escape Room in Los Angeles based on Season 4 and an interactive Board Game inspired by Season 1.

Each season of the show, a cast of YouTubers are put in an era throughout time where they must escape a live-action "escape room". While solving puzzles and running from monsters, they push to "Escape The Night". During each episode, the YouTubers vote on who they want to enter a "death challenge", and the one who fails then meets a gruesome death.

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