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Dorian is the first lieutenant featured in Escape the Night Season 2. He is played by Stephen Brown.


Episode 1 - The Masquerade Part I

He greets the guests when they come in then we find out Alison is his daughter. The guests then find a half a map on a portrait of him and a book about him. Later they find him in the ballroom with the rest of the vampires on a stage when he announces food he then pulls back a curtain revealing joey on a cross and an empty cross where Liza is put. When the guests escape the room, not including Liza and Joey, he gives orders to the other vampires and isn't seen until the next episode

Episode 2 - The Masquerade Part II

Dorian is found back in the ballroom on a throne where he asks a riddle on a full moon because it is tradition Andrea gets it right and as an award she gets time alone with him then he steps into the trap and is killed.


  • He is the first Lieutenant and the first Lieutenant to be killed by the guests of season 2
  • His name is often misspelled by fans to be 'Dorien'.
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