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The Dollhouse Challenge is required to obtain the Doll needed to free the Madison Jones from the estate.


Episode 7 - Mermaid Tails

Matt Haag and Timothy DeLaGhetto are voted in by the group to enter the challenge. Once they enter the room, there are two glasses filled with red liquid, they are told to drink if they want to know more, once they have drunk their glasses, a note tells them that they have both been poisoned. To find the antidote, both guests must solve the three gruesome children rhymes written in their rhyme books by matching the provided dolls to the desciptions and place them where they belong in their dollhouse. Once a guest believes they are done, that guest must slam their book down on the table beside them. A drawer pops out that either has the antidote or more poison depending on whether they were right or not.

In the end, Matt gets his book down first and thinks he’s right, but the vial he obtains ends up being more poison, which kills him. Turns out that the first person to put their book down regardless if it was correct or not would still have died as the antidote was later to be told as being attached to the back of the drawer. Everyone was happy and relieved to see Tim walk down the stairs after the challenge.

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